So, what is Mindful Technology™?

70% of users support a "strong usage warning" on apps. 

👉🏽 What we call Mindful Technology, others call digital well being, digital wellness, time well spent, a digital attention crisis, or humane technology.

Whether you know it as #mindfultech, digital well-being, or humane technology, this is where technology meets humanity. carefully-crafted

p.s. Wondering why we trademarked Mindful Technology™? Because a "life coach" (who seems more like a trademark troll to us) threatened to sue us for using our own company name. So we had to hire a lawyer to cover our booty. If it was up to us alone, we wouldn't want the ™ symbol all over our site.... but, hey, it's a litigious society here in the US, what can you do? 🤷🏻