The Mindful Technology Values


The Mindful Technology™ value system infuses every ounce of our work. We believe that technology can help make the world a better place –– and through these values, we teach exactly how to get there.  

This carefully crafted list of values encompasses all of the ways in which we can direct our product development to ensure that people are put before machines; that true, person-to-person engagement is valued above all; and that the technology we are building is helping–not harming–the world around us. 

Our value system is supplemented by our list of anti-patterns and coded language



Design for human connection.

Helping humans connect with other humans matters immensely more than connecting machines to other machines. We believe in facilitating true communication and real interaction. 




Build extensibly.

We create 50 million metric tons of e-waste globally each year, according to the UN. By building extensibly and with an eye towards the environment, we can avoid adding to that embarrassing statistic, and build towards a more healthy planet instead. 



Awaken the senses. 

Instead of dulling our senses, technology should celebrate them! We are more than thumbs and eyeballs; we are living, breathing, feeling people whose sensory perceptions can create rich, fulfilling experiences. 



Simplify. Then simplify again. 

Creating simply products is a way to be more respectful of people's time and attention. As the Zen Buddhist monk and singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen said, "The less there was of me, the happier I got."




Create true utility or joy. 

Just because we can, doesn't mean we should. We don't need a nanny state, we need true usefulness and genuine joy. We have the technology to create virtually anything. Let's make it useful.




Narrow the digital divide. 

Our lives are already much easier and safer than the lives of many people on the planet. Don't (just) make our already easy lives easier; create products that welcome people on the other side of the digital divide. 




Let the tech disappear. 

The market for people who want to look–or act–like androids is very small. Technology should serve people, fail gracefully, and fade into the background. 




Make something the world needs. 

Tech for tech's sake is a waste of everyone's time. Novelty and disruption are not goals. We have enormous potential and vast resources, so let's use them to create things that the world will truly benefit from. 



Design for Disconnect

Let people stay in their moment. Know when to interrupt, and when to stay quiet. Allow humans to control their own time. 



What are your values? 

Our workshops will help you understand your own value system, and how to build technology based around it.