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Mindful Technology is for tech lovers who also want to be good humans. Dive into our online journal, join us at workshops or retreats, & listen to our clever new podcast. 

Brands who resonate with our message are invited to get in touch to talk about partnerships.

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Join us at UX London!

Join us at UX London!

We're delighted to announce that we're bringing Mindful Technology to the UX London conference this 23-25 of May, 2018. (Discount code down below.👇)

Our founder, Liza Kindred, will be delivering a talk about Mindful Technology, as well as leading a half-day workshop for designers who are hoping to make the world a better, more connected place. 

If you're in or near the UK, we'd love to have you join us! Use code SPEAKER10 for 10% off your ticket. Our advisor Josh Clark will also be delivering a talk and workshop at the event about Design in the Era of the Algorithm. (And if you're not in the UK, consider joining our Mindful Tech meetup group.)

To read more about the talk and workshop, click here. And to learn more about bringing Mindful Technology to your business or event, click here. Can't wait to see you around!

Listen up! Technology for Mindfulness

📚 Recommended reads: #mindfultech library

📚 Recommended reads: #mindfultech library