executive seminars


We believe that tech products, when built mindfully, can not just make the world a better place, but make excellent business sense as well. Our custom executive sessions are the perfect way for busy leadership teams to learn all about precisely how (and why) to build more mindful technology. 

Offered as a concise version of our workshops, our executive sessions are designed for busy leadership teams. We've offered seminars to companies including J Walter Thompson, Time Inc, VOGUE Magazine, FedEx, Elizabeth Arden, and more

  • Executive sessions are concise and business-focused, with a healthy dose of humor and inspiration to deepen learning. We teach the hows and whys of mindful technology through the lens of business objectives. Discover how anti-patterns damage customer relationships and see how mindful technology alternatives can build more powerful and effective products.
  • We offer three executive seminar options: a one-time, 90-minute lunch-and-learn presentation; a half-day executive workshop; and a six-week series of hour-long sessions. 
  • Each presentation is customized to your company's business objectives and goals. 

When executive teams connect with their own humanity, entire organizations can start to shift.