events + in person

We love you through the internet and back, but we bet we'd love you even more in person! Our version of staying connected is to connect with each other, not to tether ourselves to our devices. IRL FTW. 

upcoming ...

London | May 23-25 | UX London | Keynote talk + half day workshop


meetup group

Join the #mindfultech meetup group! 

We grew our previous meetup group to over 2,500 members and held events in five cities globally–and we can't wait to build the mindful technologist community next. Expect to hear from entrepreneurs in the Mindful Tech™ space, connect with fellow good humans, and have some fun along the way. 


private dinners

We host occasional private dinners for Mindful Technology™ entrepreneurs and a few select friends from companies interested in the space.

These take place in NYC and in various cities across the globe. If you'll like to be considered for an invitation to one of our future dinners, fill out this quick form

If you'd like to sponsor a dinner, drop us a line. We'd be delighted to hear from you.

public retreats

We're thoughtfully crafting a series of in-person retreats (both weekend and week-long) to help you to connect–and disconnect–in all the best ways. For people who design and develop technology, these is an ideal way to be more skilled in your work. 

If this piques your interest, we'd love if you would take our short survey about what we're creating. As a thank you, when you take the survey we'll give you 10% off of any future retreat you sign up for.