#mindfultech news of the week: Dec 6, 2018 📰

Okay, I’m just going to be honest: researching this week’s piece sent me off on several rants. But I spare you those here, and give you just the news instead… including some good news! We look at some tech for good, a great book about personal tech use, and… of course… more news about how Facebook is making the world a worse place. Plus a long read about hacking inner peace that I absolutely loved.


Technology for Good

We love seeing people building tech to help make the world a better place. (A truly better place, not just a better place for people whose lives are already pretty easy.) So, we’re particularly interested in this piece in Wareable about how virtual reality might actually be a good tool for pain management.

We’re also happy to see that the good parts of the startup mindset are being applied to the refugee crisis. Aline Sara, CEO of NaTakallam says, “I would also say that technology isn’t the solution on its own. It’s always the human aspect as well.” And of course we agree!

And how about inner peace? Can we get there through technology, or are they just “well-designed digital houses for audio tracks”? This engadget piece by Chris Ip is well worth the long read!

Should I Just Change This To a Regular Headline That Says: Facebook Sucks, Edition XX?

Maybe I will. Anyways, in this week’s “evil we kind of saw coming but looked the other way from anyways” news, we have a well-written take-down piece by Wired Mag entitle, “The Truth About Facebook’s Fake Quest to Connect the World.” As it turns out, they didn’t have our best interests in mind…. ever. So let’s stop acting surprised and get on with regulating them already.

Leave The Kids Alone, For Crying Out Loud

Oath, owned by Verizon, has to pay a record-setting $5m fine for “flagrantly” violating COPAA, the federal mandate that aims to protect kids online.  They are charged with tracking and targeting kid’s personal data – maybe your kids! – including stuff like locations and real names. My personal experiences with Verizon make this abuse feel pretty par for the business course for them.

Also, I was going to post about a cool app that helps deaf children to read, but it was made by Huawei, and, well…. *sigh*


Also in #mindfultech news this week . . .


Not everything is annoying me this week. ;) I liked this book so much that I wrote the blurb! Check out our piece on Pete Dunlap’s fantastic book, Digital Detangler.


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