Short Read: the "Why" in Tech Balance

The back of a smart phone with neon letters that spell out, “Not today.”

Recently on our founder’s personal Instagram she published a post about loving yourself. Part of the post said, “I can’t hate myself into someone I can love. I think right now I’ll choose to wire myself directly into that self love instead.” We align strongly with this concept, and not just because our founder is promoting it. 😉Coincidentally, or not, we came across an article by Thrive Global that works this same idea into a strategy for people to use their smartphones less.

You are probably very familiar with many of the reasons our overuse of smartphones is hurting us individually and society as a whole, but what about all the reasons why we would want to limit our screen time–what are the positives? Thrive Global got this idea from a recent article from Harvard Business Review and then tailored the ideas into #mindfultech. (Both articles are fantastic.)

Here are the four reasons that could be your “why” in reducing phone use:

  1. You want stronger relationships

  2. You want to excel in your job.

  3. You want to sleep better.

  4. You want to be more mindful.

It could definitely be beneficial to figure out your “why” and then let that lead you to more #mindfultech use. We know it will aid our growth much more instead of trying to shame, guilt or hate our way to change. In other words, the “could” instead of “should.” We believe in you!

Read the full Thrive Global article entitled: If You Want to Use Your Phone Less, This Simple Strategy Will Change Everything, which includes more details on the four “whys” above.

Feature image by Instagram user @designbynicolec.

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