We love this new podcast: Should This Exist?

A photo of a pair of head phones with the attached cord shaped into lips.

One of Mindful Technology’s values is to make something the world needs–which entails examining what we are creating in tech and why we are creating it. Quartz recently launched a new tech podcast called Should This Exist?

“Just about anything we can imagine can exist. We now need to ask ourselves the question: Should this exist?” On each episode they will interview one tech entrepreneur and ask them to think about the human side of their work. What is this podcast’s goal?

So let’s work together to figure this out. Let’s think about what we’re inventing while we’re inventing it. Let’s talk to people who think differently from us. Let’s take the time. We may no longer be techno-utopians, but we can still be techno-optimists. We can rewire things, fix them, put them on the right track. We can use technology to improve, as we had always hoped to.

We are excited to listen to the Should This Exist? podcast and hear what consciousness is instilled by the guests and it’s listeners. We applaud Quartz for starting the conversation. You can read about the podcast here and catch up on the new episodes here.

Feature image by Dennis Pedersen.

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