Ha! The Smartphone™ Video Shorts

Screen Shot 2019-02-01 at 2.35.02 PM.jpg

The other day we came across some awesome short videos created by Light Phone (creators of minimalist second phones.) The videos are nestled under the heading Introducing the Smartphone™ and have such titles as “Are Your Relationships Too Good?” and “Dealing With Way Too Much Confidence?” The videos then go on to explain in a humorous way how owning a smartphone can help solve your “problems.” In Light Phone’s own words:

Exhausted from forming your own opinions or having unique thoughts? Dealing with too much confidence? Or too much privacy? Too good at relationships? Not enough email in your life? Then the Smartphone™ is for you!

We agree that balance is definitely essential in a human + smartphone relationship and appreciated Light Phone’s take on it. Watch the video below or enjoy the additional videos here.


Images from Light Phone.

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