Listen Up & Slow Down: BBC’s Slow Radio


Recently, the BBC’s Radio 3 announced a “low-fi celebration of sound” with the launch of their new Slow Radio podcast. The episodes offer a combination of ambient and natural sounds––we love the idea of using tech to bring some nature into our lives. So far the podcast has 11 episodes available that range from ‘birdsong and vapour trails,’ ‘slow sheep in Southern Spain,’ and a late night trip across Kabukicho, Tokyo’s entertainment district. {Editor’s note: not sure that last one sounds very peaceful!} We’re especially digging the episode called ‘A journey along the Sacred River’ – listen to it below.

Next time you find yourself wanting to slow the tech down, perhaps Slow Radio combined with some deep breathing may be your answer. Or as Slow Radio says, “An antidote to today’s frenzied world. Step back, let go, immerse yourself: it’s time to go slow.”

Peruse the other episode’s of the BBC’s Slow Radio here.


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