Join us at UX London!


We're delighted to announce that we're bringing Mindful Technology™ to the UX London conference this 23-25 of May, 2018. (Discount code down below.👇)

Our founder, Liza Kindred, will be delivering a talk about Mindful Technology™, as well as leading a half-day workshop for designers who are hoping to make the world a better, more connected place. 

If you're in or near the UK, we'd love to have you join us! Use code SPEAKER10 for 10% off your ticket. Our advisor Josh Clark will also be delivering a talk and workshop at the event about Design in the Era of the Algorithm. (And if you're not in the UK, consider joining our Mindful Tech™ meetup group.)

To read more about the talk and workshop, click here. And to learn more about bringing Mindful Technology™ to your business or event, click here. Can't wait to see you around!

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