Cool idea: Wyndham Hotels launches a mini digital detox program for families

A photo of four hotel room numbered doors that face the outdoors. Two are on the second floor.

Ah, we love this! Wyndham Grand Hotels just launched a neat program called "Reconnect." Participants receive a small discount off of their hotel stay, and Wyndham hopes to reconnect families by minimizing digital use.

Wyndham provides guests with a blanket fort, crayons, activity sheets, a stuffed animal, a book, a shadow puppets how-to guide, and a flashlight to get started with making some offline fun. They will also provide a timed lockbox to keep phones out of sight and use. {Editor's note: Ha! Love this idea.} And, if a guest wants to capture the moment without going digital, an Instax instant camera that prints physical pictures is available. 

This offer has already started, and is available through September 3rd. Noelle Nicolai developed the Wyndham initiative and said that this new program focuses on the "fun of an analog childhood." *swoon!*

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Find out more about the Reconnect program here. And here's to more mindfulness in the world! 👏👏

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