5 ways to make your social media feeds more humane

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Mindful business expert and former Mindful Technology meetup panelist Georgia Pettit just launched her new business, The Luminary Agency, along with partner Anna Nydermyer. At their launch event yesterday at MNDFL in Brooklyn, Georgia shared five rules for more mindfully engaging with social media. 

They were so good, we wanted to share them with you....

1. Unfollow everyone you hate. 

This made everyone laugh, but it really should go without saying: your feed is your space, and you are not obligated to follow or engage with anyone that makes you feel bad. Ever. 

2. Explore when inspiration turns into feelings of inadequacy. 

Sometimes when we follow people or brands for "inspiration" things can veer off track and start making us feel inadequate. When you notice that you feel that way looking at someone's posts, take a moment to understand if it's your own jealousy (in which case, you may want to wish them well) or if the person running the account is putting out bad energy. If the latter is the case, see rule #1. In fact, I'd go on to say that even if they mean well but you feel bad in any way, pull that old "unfollow" lever. 

Anna Nydermyer + Georgia Pettit of the newly launched Luminary Agency.

Anna Nydermyer + Georgia Pettit of the newly launched Luminary Agency.


3. Truly treat your connections as a community. 

Instead of a big aggregate follower number, or a collection of names / avatars / handles, explore the people and companies in your feed thoroughly. Take some intentional time to explore who and what the people you like are into; look for the threads that run through, and follow them to see where they might lead. This can lead to surprise and inspiration! Pay special attention to this when viewing social media. 

4. Share the process. 

When sharing on social media, it can be difficult to know what's "important" enough to post. Often times we share the fruition / completed projects / high notes. But be sure to also share the process that leads to those

successes; this is "the whole of the story," as Georgia put it. This is more vulnerable than sharing just the glam stuff, but it leads to much richer and more dynamic experience for your followers. {Liza's note: humans love when other humans show their humanity!}

5. Bridge the gap between on- and offline. 

This itself can be the fruition of the connections and sharing that have been done online. When you resonate with someone online, consider meeting them offline! Slide into those DMs with a nice note (and no expectations), invite someone to meet up in person, or show up to support the events that people you admire are participating in. 

Part of what we love about this advice is that it matches our own ethos so well: technology as a tool that we can put to work for us (and not the other way around)––and it can be an awesome way to make connections with other people. But, in order for that to happen, we have to be thoughtful about how we use it. ✨

Looking forward to seeing all of the great things that The Luminary Agency is about to put out into the world! 

Have any other tips about mindful social media use? Let us know below! 👇🏾

The event space at MNDFL in Brooklyn. Luminary Agency led us through a great mini workshop.

The event space at MNDFL in Brooklyn. Luminary Agency led us through a great mini workshop.


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