3 Gratitude Apps 🙏

A GIF illustration of two hands clasped in a prayer or Namaste pose with the word “TY” repeatedly coming out the fingers.

It's Thanksgiving week in America, that time where we stuff ourselves with food and take a moment to share what we're grateful for. 

While we know you'll put your phone away when it's time to sit at the table, but that doesn't mean that tech can't help you develop a gratitude practice. 

Apps for Gratitude: 

Mojo | Simply put, this app helps users keep track of what they are grateful for in their lives. Users can add photos, share on social media, and tag the current weather and location. {Note: Mojo is the rebranded name of the Gratitude app.}

The Happier App | This app aims to help users find, collect and share positive moments in life. There's a choice to either share with the Happier community, or keep a collection as a private journal.  

Day One | This is a journaling app that has the option of data syncing across multiple devices and adding photos, maps, and notes. 

And a quick note from us:

This past year has had it's share of overwhelmingly bad news. In these times of uncertainty, we are especially grateful for these things: family (both given + chosen,) smiles from strangers, eye contact, deep breaths, being mindful, striving for a life + tech balance, walks outside, and conscious conversations. We know there is much to be hopeful for, and that is what the #mindfultech community is all about: believing in humans to do the right thing and make necessary changes. 

Thank you for inspiring us. We are grateful for you!  

A photo of multi-colored leaves overlapping with the words, “The root of joy is gratefullness. - David Steindl - Rast.”

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