Intern for Mindful Tech™!

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Do you love your phone, but love your real life more? Do you use your smartwatch to remind you to take deep breaths? Are you interested in what we're building at Mindful Technology™? Well, join us! 

We're hiring a few interns for fall / winter 2017. We're looking for help with social media, editorial & content creation, marketing, and research. Fall / winter interns will also have the opportunity to assist with in-person events in NYC. 

You can live anywhere to do this internship, but you need to be able to commit 15 hours a week (including a team video chat once a week.) Timing is flexible, so this internship works well with school or other jobs–but you have to be the type to go above-and-beyond to make sure a job gets done well and on time. Liza wants us to tell you this:

Previous interns who have worked for me have gone on to do really amazing things: nabbing editorial and partnership gigs at Elle + Nylon mags, selling their products at Barneys and ShopBop, working at brands like Tommy Hilfiger & Shinola, and even getting nominated for a Webby Award for the business they started after working with me.

Obviously I have excellent taste in people 😉  but I'm also super proud because I think this demonstrates how dedicated I am to helping the people on my team succeed on their own terms. 

You should be:

  • Passionate, curious, and/or knowledgeable about both mindfulness and technology

  • A total self starter–someone who works well without close supervision

  • Goal-oriented (we want this internship to lead to great things for you)

  • Reliable, organized, a good written communicator, and detail oriented

  • Experienced with social media, a solid writer, with a good eye

  • A nice human

Stipend for the internship is $500 a month + expenses (and college credit, if that's your thing.) Diversity of all kinds is important to us, so whether you're in school or not, old or young, in the US or elsewhere, and on and on.... if you're interested in what we're building, we want to hear from you!

To apply, send your resume to info (at) thirdwavefashion (dot) com. Send your social links, LinkedIn, etc. In the subject line, write three words that your friends would use to describe you. We won't read any emails that don’t have that. Detail oriented, see? 👌

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