👋🏽 I'm Liza and This is Why I'm Building #mindfultech

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Hi! 👋🏽👋🏽  

I thought I'd introduce myself: I'm Liza Kindred, the founder of Mindful Technology™. 

My official bio is here, but I wanted to tell you why I'm building #mindfultech. 

My focus on technology started in 2006 when I started working at an open source web development shop Lullabot, where I eventually became managing partner. (We built websites for companies like Sony, Inc. Magazine, and MSNBC.) My background in fashion started even earlier, when I opened my own (offline!) clothing boutique in 2001, and spent several years doing fashion styling and runway production. 

These two interests combined when I launched Third Wave Fashion, the world's first fashion tech consultancy, in New York City in 2011. For years, I worked with top-tier fashion clients like VOGUE Magazine, Bergdorf Goodman, Bloomingdales, ASOS, and Zappos; and with technology clients like Microsoft, Vodafone, and Amazon. I was one of the handful of people who created and defined what is now called "fashion tech."

Meanwhile, back in 2009, I started a meditation practice and eventually became a student of Tibetan Buddhism, focusing on bringing mindfulness into my everyday life. At the same time, I was speakingglobally about fashion tech... and messages of mindfulness were starting to blend into both my keynote talks and my client work. And you know what? People LOVED it. Those messages of #mindfultech really resonated. I even found myself applying #mindfultech to business models as I was writing my upcoming book, The Future of Commerce

Eventually, I started doing a lot of work on wearable tech for clients like Vodafone and Paskho–and as I saw technology become even more intimately a part of our lives, I realized that we are at a real decision point for how (and if) we want to ingrain tech into every aspect of our bodies... and homes, and the rest of our lives. This is not the sole domain of users: as technology makers, we've got to ensure that we're building for the world we want to live in. 

So, I created a value system for building more technology that is mindful. And, I've started Mindful Technology™ (the company) to help spread the word about #mindfultech (the movement) through as many channels as possible: team workshops, executive education, public retreats, private dinners, a podcast, an online magazine, digital + physical products, a meetup group–and I will continue to speak to audiences globally (you can watch my entire Mindful Technology™) 

That's the scoop! If you want to connect with me personally, you can find me on Twitter and Insta, or you can email me at lizakindred (at) gmail (dot) com. I'd love to hear from you, and I'm grateful for your interest! 



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