Simple Habit App: the Spotify for Meditations

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The Simple Habit app was featured on Shark Tank and has been highly rated and downloaded––in fact, they won Best Well-Being App Award 2018 on Google Play. What we really love about the app though, is the many different meditations that users can find for their specific needs. We caught up with Yunha Kim, Simple Habit’s Founder and CEO, who told us more about their app.

Tell us about Simple Habit.

Simple Habit makes reducing stress as easy as 5-minutes a day. With over 1,500 short meditations and audio therapy sessions produced by world-class experts, Simple Habit gives busy people a practical way to relieve daily stress, anxiety and mental distraction.

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What inspired you to start Simple Habit?

It all started while I was building my first startup, Locket. I worked so hard and needed to manage my stress. I decided to try meditation–and that changed my life. I was able to focus better at work, sleep better at night, and felt more present and happy in my relationships. I started power-using other apps but got pretty tired of hearing the same voice over and over again. It got me thinking… I don’t go to a new app to listen to each of my favorite artists, and artists like Justin Bieber don’t create an entire app to share their music. Instead, platforms like Spotify make it possible for musicians to access a bunch of listeners and vice versa. When I started talking to meditation teachers to see where they were sharing their content, I realized there was a void in this space. So, I set out to create the “Spotify for meditation”–focusing on 5-minute meditations that busy people can use for any situation or mood. Our vision has since evolved to be even bigger as we learned about our users.

Tell us about your Guided Meditations for Women and why you created them.

When we started building our content library, we wanted to create series that addressed at least one of the following: where people were, what they were doing and how they were feeling (or wanted to feel). Women quickly became some of our biggest users, and we saw an opportunity to create content tailored specifically to physical and mental causes of stress for women. That's why our series like Overcome Orgasm Anxiety, Relaxing Into Pregnancy and PMS are so popular.

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How do you see your company contributing value to the mindful technology community?

We have built, and will continue to build, a marketplace that makes it easier for users to quickly access a variety of amazing experts––who specialize in everything from grief counseling to anxiety management to parenting––right from your device whenever users need it.

What can we expect next from Simple Habit and how can people follow along?

Last November Simple Habit raised our Series A, led by Foundation Capital, with the vision to become the destination for mental wellness. You can read more about it in my blog post here. The best way to follow along is to download the app! It's free to download and use, available via iOS, Android or web. You can also follow our blog and Instagram.  

We are impressed with the platform that Simple Habit has created for its followers and are excited to see where it keeps leading. Find out more about Simple Habit by visiting their website and watching the short video below.


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