Fjords Trends 2019: Silence Is Gold

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The global design and innovation consultancy company Fjord has announced their collection of 2019 tech trends and the first one really resonated with us: "Silence is gold." They came to these conclusions:

Mindful design is fast rising up on the agenda for big tech firms. Other organizations must follow their lead but, to do so, they’ll need to learn new ways to build relationships and loyalty with consumers that now respond badly to the shouty approach of old.

Rather than being big, bold and noisy, to avoid being ignored – or worse, abandoned – organizations need to pipe down. It’ll be difficult for many to break long-established behavior, but it’s crucial. Their focus should be on designing products that meet customers’ holistic needs, shaped to sit favorably within the ecosystem of other products competing for attention. They’ll also need to rethink the metrics they use to measure success, prioritizing long-term value, for example, above usage time.

In 2019, the unintended consequence of organizations’ activities will be customers feeling inundated and overwhelmed; organizations must embrace a new design ethos that puts human value back at the center of their innovations. The designers who undertake this work have a responsibility to take a more ethical approach by not making things people don’t need. Think of it as the Hippocratic Oath for designers.

What can be done? Fjord suggested these 4 things:

1) Be quieter.

2) Radically simplify your feedback surveys.

3) Invest in content design.

4) Measure the cognitive effort that you expect from your customers.

We agree with Fjord’s findings and hope that companies are able to implement these ideas into their mindful designs. As a shameless plug, we teach companies this very thing in our workshops. You can learn more at our website. Read Fjord’s whole trend report in more detail here.

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