Wearable X and Their Tech-Enabled Yoga Pants

A woman doing yoga while wearing tech-enabled yoga pants. A smartphone is below her with the NADI X app.

Our friends at Wearable X have taken yoga to a whole new level. By integrating accelerometers and haptic motors into the fabric, these yoga pants aim to guide users every step of the way. Wearable X’s co-founder and CEO, Billie Whitehouse, told us more about their company’s journey and products.

Tell us about Wearable X.

Wearable X brings together design and technology to ask fashion to become a business that is focused on improving the quality of our lives.

What inspired you to start Wearable X?

I had been working at the intersection of design education and industry futurists. I was researching this for the business plan of the design university and in doing so became tremendously excited by what was happening with sensors, IoT, mass customization and design thinking principles. This led to working on the Fundawear project with Havas and Durex and it was off the back of that success that we started the company. We realized that what we were building was far more than just one product and that haptics as a form of communication on the body could be both emotional and powerful.

A GIF of a woman doing yoga in NADI X pants. It says “Gentle Vibrations” over her.

Tell us about your line of activated yoga apparel, Nadi X.

Nadi X is the invisible yoga instructor that guides consumers. Users connect to their smart phone via bluetooth and set their vibration strength inside the app. The vibrations on the body guide them where to focus and audio instructions show them how to move into each pose. At the end of each pose the instructions will indicate whether users made it into the pose or whether they should look back at the instructions, it will then move them onto the next pose. As our body's change and get older our alignment and stress management becomes more and more important. The practice of yoga with Nadi X was built to help with this exact thing.

How do you see Nadi X contributing value to the mindful technology community?

As we become more and more dependent on technology it is important that we are reminded how to make it human. Mindfulness to me, is the appreciation of the moment and what makes us feel the most human. For Nadi X it is to guide users how to bring their attention inward and onto the body. Yoga as a practice is not just about the physical practice, it is about asking your mind to focus on the parts of the body for that specific pose. This is the purpose of Nadi X.

What advice would you give others who are trying to build technology for a better world?

My advice is to constantly ask yourself questions and to listen to your customers. Design technology for change.

A split screen photo of a man doing yoga in a city courtyard, a photo of speakers, and a smartphone with the NADI X app on the screen.

How do you personally create a tech / life balance?

I used to put my phone on airplane mode often during my work day. However I am not doing this practice anymore.

For me the answer is, spend time in nature. Take your shoes off in the dirt. Run through the forest and the hills. Swim in the ocean. Be reminded that there is a world outside of the digital space at least once a week. If you are like me you will probably take your phone with you anyway, whether this is for documentation, quantifying the steps or because you want to make the time to do a little yoga in the dirt.

What does mindful technology mean to you?

Technology designed for the true and honest human experience. For me that is products that understand you and allow you to live your life rather than be dominated by it. Nadi X was built in this way so that users can do yoga anywhere that works for them but still feel confident that their alignment is being guided.

What can we expect next from you and how can people follow along?

It is an exciting time to believe in designing a version of the future that you want to exist within. We are working on how Nadi X can help with remote physiotherapy and looking further at our bra and upper body products. Please follow Wearable X and my personal account on Twitter to come along for the ride. It’s emotional and worth every second.

Very cool! To learn more about Wearable X and Nadi X, watch the short video below and visit their website.


 Images from Wearable X.

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