#mindfultech news of the week: Oct 5, 2018 📰

A formula for healthy kids, a healthier relationship with technology, and the Facebook news you didn’t read about . . . in this week’s #mindfultech news, we have 3 long reads, 5 quick takes, 2 things we’re digging, and 1 shameless plug. 🔌


We have a formula for healthy kids! Now let’s use it.

Here’s the formula that a group of researchers just published in The Lancet: one hour of physical activity a day, nine to 11 hours of sleep, and under two hours of screen time. How many kids meet these targets? Five percent. Why? Because screen time is taking away from sleep time. (New York Times)

Facebook is, once again, treating customers like they don’t matter.

Of course you already read about how Facebook allowed the hacking of 50 million accounts, as well as unknown scores of other accounts on sites that use Facebook login (disconnect all of your Facebook logins if you haven’t already!)  –– but did you also read about the other, less broadly reported Facebook news of the week? It is, frankly, disturbing.

The company, which has proven time and again that it will only protect your personal data when it gets caught not doing so, is using your shadow contact information to advertise to you. That is: any contact information that anyone has about you (any friend, any advertiser, any political candidate that bought your name off of a list) can upload your private contact information to Facebook (data that you did not agree to share) and use it to target you directly.

They call it “custom audiences” and as users of Facebook, we aren’t allowed to view the shadow contact information that Facebook has about us because, they say, it would violate the privacy of the person who uploaded our information without our consent. Sound outrageous? It is. Read all about it on Gizmodo.

How to have a healthy relationship with technology.

Well+Good recently interviewed me about how consumers can have healthier relationships with technology. While I believe that building better tech is the responsibility of those of us that create it, I also believe that tech users should understand that their “issues” with tech are not their fault. Take a look at what I told Well+Good here.


Also in #mindfultech news this week . . .


This week we’re digging this Kickstarter for “Candle by Atbay” (a charger to help us enjoy unplugging) and this podcast interview about the future of ethics in AI with our advisor Josh Clark.


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ps. It was just announced that I’ll be one of the opening speakers at the Decoded Future Summit in NYC in November, so if you’re into, you know, the future, check it out! There are a ton of other awesome speakers as well.

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Author: Liza Kindred