#mindfultech news of the week: Oct 26, 2018 📰


Feeling a little bummed out about all of the bad news this week, so we’re offering up #mindfultech book recommendations for some deeper thinking. Plus, an overview of ethics officers (the new CEO’s ?), glasses that block screens (sweet relief?) and more.


Forget the news, let’s read books.

These days the news cycle is feeling so… chaotic (to say the least.) It has us here at Mindful Technology feeling a little whiplash, and when we feel like that, we like to turn to books. Here are three great ones that we’ve recently picked up that we’re delighted to recommend to you:


Okay, fine, back to the news.

Speaking of author Bowles, his take on thoughts about the idea of Chief Ethics Officers is well worth the read, and was written in response to Kara Swisher’s thoughtful piece in the NYT, Who Will Teach Silicon Valley to be Ethical? (We volunteer! If you know companies who are looking for direction, our executive seminars and workshops are fantastic places to start.)

And, the latest person to join the tech apology tour is none other that Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom, who is out there talking about all that is wrong with social media…. if only we could get these guys to pay attention before they make their huge wads of cash on selling humanity short.


Also in #mindfultech news this week . . .


This Kickstarter is delightful: IRL Glasses – glasses that block screens. Using pretty simple technology (uncomplicated tech!) that you might have already experienced if you’ve ever tried to look at your phone while wearing polarized sunglasses, the popularity of this product is another sign that so many of us are looking to take back control of our lives.


We try to put our money where our mouth is on Instagram! We drop seven little bits of knowledge a week over there, and it’s super easy on the eyes.

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