#mindfultech news of the week: Oct 19, 2018 📰

The Realists is an upcoming documentary about #mindfultech.

The Realists is an upcoming documentary about #mindfultech.


This week we look at the many ways in which people have given up on tech companies and have taken control back into their own hands, as well as how technology can support humanity and we take a look at why Palm thinks your phone needs a phone.


Consumers are taking control of tech back into their own hands.

Here at Mindful Technology we strongly believe that the onus for creating human-centric technology rests with those of us that create it. However, we’re past the point of being able to count on the big tech companies to look out for us. So, this week we have: ways to set up parental controls on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu, along with how to delete everything but delete your Facebook profile, and also how to control how your health and medical data is used.

Humanity, fairness, and mental health.

Another one of our core tenants is the idea that humanity matters most. To that end, this week we recommend reading how tech can help anxiety and depression, as well as a call for more humanity in artificial intelligence. As AI guru Fei-Fei Li says, we should be building tech that doesn’t replace humans, but that works with us. And finally, an important discussion about what a fair algorithm might look like.



The upcoming film The Realists from documentary filmmaker Elena Rossini is a vitally important look at what social media is doing to us as a culture. Consider their Patreon!


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Anything else we should be talking about? Drop us a line and let us know! See you next week.



ps. I’ll be on the opening panel of the Decoded Future Summit here in NYC on 2 November. It looks like a great event.

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